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Hi, I’m Jeison Mello, a problem-solver with over 20 years under my belt, and let’s be honest, I’ve stumbled through a fair share of mistakes, both in my professional and personal life. There came a moment when I realised that many of these problems could have been sidestepped with a smidge of organisation. But, man, was that a snoozefest to do!

That’s when I began to invest time and resources into studying management. But here’s a little secret: even after finishing college, post-grad, and other courses, I still felt a bit adrift.

And despite being an entrepreneur for over a decade at that time, the financial health of my businesses still kept me up at night.

For instance:

 – How much real profit was the company making?
 – Could I afford to hire more staff?
 – Could my cash flow support buying new equipment?
 – Was I truly profiting or just spinning money?
– Should I expand or bide my time?

My main complaint was… All the theory is tailor-made for massive, well-structured companies, flush with employees and resources.

But what about the solo entrepreneur juggling a myriad of tasks? Or the small to medium business owner who, despite having some structure, still finds themselves bogged down, perpetually sucked into the operational vortex?

And for those who aren’t entrepreneurs but still crave financial order and the ability to make the right decisions at the right time? The materials, methods, and theories just didn’t slot into these scenarios.

Thank God, I managed to iron out these issues in my own life and businesses, and today, I have more focus and freedom to invest in what genuinely yields and inspires me.

Upon reflection, I believe it wasn’t just due to effort but primarily because my goal was to morph something tedious and theoretical into a strategy that delivers results.

That’s why I assist business owners in understanding their numbers and processes, rectifying mistakes, and charting the right course to realise their dreams.

Perhaps I can help you as well. Shall we chat?

My mission:

Turn boring
concepts into

Simplify understanding of business numbers and processes to ensure PROFIT.











First Steps in Business

Guiding you through the Journey

Launching a business? Exciting, right? But oh boy, it can be a wild ride! Juggling a bazillion things, soaking up info from everywhere, and doing it all on a tight budget.

But guess what? You've got back-up! Loads of tools are out there to give you a hand, and hey, why not chat with someone who’s been down this road?

I’ve been where you are, navigated through the chaos, and helped others build their dreams into success stories.

Solo No-Go: No need to sail the entrepreneurial seas alone! I’m here to help plot a course to your goals and make sure we have some fun along the way!

Price Formation

Kick Your Business Off with Winning Pricing!

Nailing the pricing game from the get-go is crucial if you’re looking to make more money on every sale and build a buffer against the competition.

I’ve seen it firsthand: companies hustling hard, making sales left and right, but their profits? Barely there.

Many fall into the trap of incorrect pricing—either overlooking some costs or just playing copycat with competitor prices.

The harsh reality? No matter how many sales you clock or how big your business gets, if you’re leaning on credit and using your cash flow just to cover expenses, debt...

...becomes a constant shadow. And living always in the red, forever a slave to the grind? Nobody wants that.

Get in touch! Let’s crack the code on price formations together, ensuring your pricing isn’t just right but profit-guaranteed.

Profitability Analysis

Know It, Sell It, Profit From It!

Unlocking the secrets of profitability analysis can illuminate which of your sectors or products are cash cows and highlight those areas screaming out for a little extra love and attention.

Here’s the deal: sometimes, unprofitable products and services can quietly erode your profits, and if they’re not fine-tuned in a timely manner, you could be facing long-term losses!

Engaging in profitability analysis isn’t just about pinching pennies - it’s a long-term strategy to pad out your wallet.

Ready to skyrocket those profits dramatically? Let’s dive into your data together, identify those cost-cutting opportunities and boost efficiency, propelling your profit growth into the realm of reality.

Don’t navigate this journey alone - I’m here to help you make your profitability soar!


Level up your efficiency, starting now!

Shaky workflows lead to shaky outcomes, and in a worst-case scenario, a team that’s far from happy. Imagine navigating through workflows that are like a perplexing maze or just poorly designed. It’s like to sending your team into the woods without a map, where costly mistakes are ready to pounce from every shadow.

This labyrinthine set-up doesn’t only lead to inefficient processes; it also saps time and money from your business. And for business owners, a poorly designed workflow isn’t merely a business headache. It pilfers precious moments with family and undermines your health, heaping on the stress.

Let’s flip the script together! Begin your journey toward smarter business decisions with workflows that aren’t merely professional but are also a shining example of efficiency and clarity.

I’m here to help guide the way to a smoother, more balanced work-life experience!

Opportunity Analysis

Unlock new avenues for skyrocketing sales!

Opportunity analysis isn’t just a fancy term—it’s your secret weapon to sniff out potential revenue streams and gauge their worth. The mission? Uncover fresh, innovative ways to squeeze every drop of revenue from what you’ve already got in your arsenal.

This isn’t just about identifying opportunities, but putting them under the microscope, analyzing their viability, and making the call: to dive in or not?

Here’s a nugget of wisdom: 'There’s gold in them thar hills.' Finding the financial sweet spots in your business—or potential ones—is key because let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees!

Turning existing assets into a smooth income stream? Absolutely doable, if you strike at the right opportunity. Allow me to guide you in transforming your hard-won business developments into a steady stream of profit!

Financial Indicators

Navigate your numbers, elevate your Decisions!

Financial indicators: they’re your business’s pulse, offering a swift and straightforward window into its performance. They’re not just numbers but a measure, a yardstick gauging how your business is faring on the financial front. 

For entrepreneurs, getting to grips with these indicators isn’t just about understanding the nitty-gritty of numbers - it’s about harnessing them to steer your decisions confidently and wisely.

Let’s cut through the complexity of all those digits, recommendations, and reports together.

I’m here to help you sail smoothly through financial waters, ensuring you not only comprehend every indicator but also leverage them to make stellar decisions that propel your business forward!

Managing Personal Finances

Seize control with just 10 ninutes a week!

Let’s face it, our emotions often sneak into our financial decisions, steering us into choppy waters and sometimes, leading to rough patches that touch not just us, but the ones we hold dear.

The ripple effect? Our loved ones, shouldering the extra weight and wading through those challenges with us. But here’s a beacon of hope: with a mere 10 minutes a week, you can flip the script and seize the reins of your financial destiny.

This isn’t just about dodging hardships - it’s about crafting a future where your finances are a source of stability, not stress.

Reach out and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Dive into more details about this service and let’s pave the way to a brighter, financially secure future!

Behavioural Profile Analysis

Your personal guidebook to self!

Peter Drucker hit the nail on the head: “People are hired for their technical skills, but they are fired for their behaviour.” 

This isn’t just a workplace truth but resonates in the entrepreneurial world, with customers, partners, and workers, and even seeps into our familial and social circles.

Enter behavioural profile analysis: your ticket to peeling back the layers, understanding strengths and weaknesses, and paving the way for enhanced relationships and results across all walks of life.

Imagine having a manual - a detailed guidebook of over 40 pages, not about a product, but about YOU (or anyone you wish to understand better).

A tool crafted to catapult you toward peak performance. Don’t just navigate through interactions and relationships - master them!

Reach out now and let’s explore how you can sidestep pitfalls and supercharge success across all spheres with your very own behavioural manual.



"When my clients ask me about price, we have a reason to say: Look, you pay that much because of this and that! We have a reason to do what we do, and I feel valuable. "


Now, I definitely take a closer look before making my next move.


“Finance is something that doesn't scare me anymore, and now I feel much more confident.”".


"Jeison communicates with expertise and clarity, showcasing tangible results that enable entrepreneurs to grasp the true profit within their business."


"Jeison transformed how we approached our company's chaotic and outdated financial system. He also taught us a straightforward method to monitor our cash flow and make wiser decisions regarding the company's investments."

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